This summer, your sweet corn might have traces of a notorious toxin. Find out how to avoid it.

It came from the fields

With June fast approaching, we’re just a few weeks away from sweet corn season.

That sounds enticing, but not if you make the mistake that hundreds of thousands will make this summer.

They’ll sit down to a steaming plate of Frankencorn.

Seriously. This stuff is a monster. It’s not only genetically modified. It’s TWICE modified. And the second modification is only there to solve a problem created by the first modification.

But doubling up on GM isn’t even the most disturbing part. The worst is that it might contain traces of one of the most notorious toxins in history.

Yes, It’s THAT bad. And it’s the LAST thing you want on your dinner plate.

No ordinary orange

Years ago, the agri-business giant Monsanto brought an evil spawn into the world — Roundup Ready crops. It was genetically modified (GM) to survive drenchings of Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer.

If “evil spawn” sounds a little overdramatic, well… I’m sure we could find thousands of farmers who would agree.

More recently, Monsanto introduced RR seed for sweet corn. That’s the corn you buy in bins at your local supermarket. But this corn has a little something extra. Scientists modified the genes to include a trait called Bt.

Bt kills insects.

That’s right. Sweet corn. On your dinner table. Genetically modified. Drenched in weed killer. Infused with insecticide.

Scary? Oh, I’m just getting warmed up…

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