It’s back to school season, which means back to school jitters for both parents and students and increased spreading of germs and illness. We know you want your child to be as confident and healthy as possible, so that he or she is equipped to learn and flourish in school.

That’s why you and your family could greatly benefit from learning about an alternative to conventional medicines, which often have negative side effects, to treat common childhood illnesses like colds, ear infections, and sore throats, as well as chronic conditions like asthma, anxiety, and depression.

Homeopathic remedies are FDA regulated and effective because they work to heal your body, rather than simply suppressing symptoms. Consider using homeopathy because:
Homeopathy allows you to quickly and inexpensively treat common childhood illnesses at home without a trip to the doctor.
Many parents report that their kids get sick less often once they start using homeopathy and illnesses tend to stop once the sick child is treated, rather than traveling through the family and to classmates.
Remedies are completely chemical free, meaning they are non-toxic and safe for children, newborns, and pregnant or nursing moms.
Medicines (known as remedies) are FDA regulated and available over-the-counter. You can find them in natural food stores, many national chain pharmacies, or homeopathic pharmacies. (Homeopathy should not be confused with herbal, Chinese, or other types of natural medicines.)
Learn more about how homeopathy can help your child, find remedies made from natural sources, and a professional homeopath at